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NFL Football Fan New England Patriots Blue Leather Bracelet Go Pats W 2 Logo 18MM - 20MM Snap Charms

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Snap jewelry New England Patriots Snaps on a Blue leather bracelet. Wear either snap with your snap jewelry to show your support for your team.  Two 18 MM - 20 MM NFL Logo snap charms included with this Leather Bracelet.  Snap jewelry can turn one piece of jewelry into endless different looking pieces of jewelry in a snap! Simply remove one snap and replace it with a different gem snap charm. This bracelet comes with 2 different 18MM - 20MM snaps.  I love wearing my snap jewelry with many different outfits from my leather look when riding my Harley Davidson Motorcycle to wearing it to church with a beautiful sun dress. It is so versatile! You can buy additional snaps that I also sell and create as many different jewelry sets to accent any outfit or mood or holiday. There are tens of thousands of snaps and jewelry designs to choose from. I have many of them listed and will be listing more daily. This bracelet has two snaps that make it fit every wrist size perfectly. Create your own jewelry in a snap with this beautiful fashion jewelry set. Check out my other items and the numerous snaps that are available. I offer free shipping to the United States only.

Thank you for checking out my beautiful classy fashion interchangeable snap jewelry! I have many of these sets myself and I wear them while riding on my Harley Davidson Motorcycle, sitting on a beach by the ocean in between scuba diving and snorkeling, and with a sundress going to church. This jewelry is so versatile it can be worn for any occasion!