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Namaste Buddha Logo 18MM - 20MM Fashion Snap Jewelry Snap Charm

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The term Buddha means the “awakened one” and represents the founder of Buddhism. A real person, the Buddha was a former prince who gave up a lavish lifestyle to find the root of human suffering and discover the true meaning of life. His story inspires us to remember that as a normal person who liberated himself from suffering, we can do the same. It is recommended to take a moment at the beginning of a meditation to imagine yourself as Buddha with all of his qualities – open, enlightened and compassionate..This is a Namaste Buddha Charm for Ginger Snap Noosa and any other snap jewelry items size 18MM - 20MM charms.  Show your desire for peace and happiness with this beautiful glass charm. 3D Rhinestone Drill Snaps Chunk Bracelets Charm Button Fit For Noosa Leather Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, sunglasses, rings, pendants and key chain tags. Create your own jewelry in a snap with this beautiful fashion jewelry. I offer free shipping to the United States only.

Thank you for checking out my beautiful classy fashion interchangeable snap jewelry! I have many of these sets myself and I wear them while riding on my Harley Davidson Motorcycle, sitting on a beach by the ocean in between scuba diving and snorkeling, and with a sundress going to church. This jewelry is so versatile it can be worn for any occasion!