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Cancer Chemo Cap Pre-Tied Elastic Soft Head scarf Wrap Hair Loss One Size Adult Turban Cover

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Check out this Stylish, Sophisticated and Super Cool looking Head Scarf Turban.  This Head Scarf does not come with any Fashion Snap Jewelry Snaps attached.  I do also have Scarves with Snap Jewelry attached to them and many colors and styles to offer.

This unique wrinkled design provides fullness to give the look of hair underneath. This head wrap is meticulously designed for ease of wear and requires no tying.  Simply slip it on and off as you wish. The built in stretch elastic ensures a snug fit.  This cap is shirred on the sides to add height and volume and the back ruffles cover the nape of the neck.  Cute scrunch band detailing adds a finished touch.  This Scarf can be worn with no hair, halo wigs, bangs or even over a full wig or your own natural hair.  It is stylish and comfortable and a great alternative to wigs.  It is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you know who is going thru hair loss or just loves to wear head scarves.  It can be worn over or behind the ears.  It is Comfortable, soft, non slip, pre-tied and easy to wear.  One size fits most adult size heads. 

I have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I am coming out with a complete Cancer Awareness line.  I will be donating a portion of all sales of Cancer Awareness items to fight Cancer and help find a cure.  Together We Will Win Against All Cancer. 

This is my Chemo Cap line.  Who said loosing your hair had to be horrible.  Add Sass and Style to your head with my Chemo Caps.  This turban provides total head coverage.  It is perfect for those going thru hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments, Alopecia or any other medical related hair loss.  I love this scarf so much I will continue to wear it after my hair grows back.  You don't have to be experiencing hair loss to absolutely love this scarf.  I have two lines of my Chemo Caps.  One line does not have Snap Jewelry snaps added and one line has snaps where you can add a snap to show your mood.  I have a whole line of Cancer related snaps you can check out too.  Change your snap daily with your mood if you want.  The snaps that fit this will fit any other 18MM - 20MM snap jewelry item. Show your support by paring this beautiful snap with any of your snap jewelry items. Charm for Ginger Snap Noosa and any other snap jewelry items size 18MM - 20MM charms.  Show your Support with this beautiful glass charm. 3D Rhinestone Drill Snaps Chunk Bracelets Charm Button Fit For Noosa Leather Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, sunglasses, rings, pendants and key chain tags. Create your own jewelry in a snap with this beautiful fashion jewelry. I offer free shipping to the United States only.

Thank you for checking out my beautiful classy fashion interchangeable snap jewelry and Chemo Cap lines! I have many of these sets myself and I wear them while riding on my Harley Davidson Motorcycle, sitting on a beach by the ocean in between scuba diving and snorkeling, and with a sundress going to church. This jewelry is so versatile it can be worn for any occasion!