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Adoption Symbol and Rhinestone 15" Necklace with 2 18MM - 20MM Snap Jewelry Charms

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The Adpotion Triangle represents the love of the family who put them up for adoption, the love of the adoption family, and the love of the adoptee. This is a perfect gift to represent the importance of adoption and how each side cared enough to complete the triangle with love.  Perfect for an adoptive parent or an adoptee.  Snap jewelry can turn one necklace into endless different looking pieces of jewelry in a snap! Simply remove one snap and replace it with a different gem snap charm. This necklace comes with 2 different 18MM - 20MM snaps. I love wearing my snap jewelry with many different outfits from my leather look when riding my Harley Davidson Motorcycle to wearing it to church with a beautiful sun dress. It is so versatile! You can buy additional snaps that I also sell and create as many different jewelry sets to accent any outfit or mood or holiday. There are tens of thousands of snaps and jewelry designs to choose from. I have many of them listed and will be listing more daily. This necklace is a black rope necklace with a lobster clasp that makes the length adjustable. Create your own jewelry in a snap with this beautiful fashion jewelry set. Check out my other items and the numerous snaps that are available. I offer free shipping to the United States only.

Thank you for checking out my beautiful classy fashion interchangeable snap jewelry! I have many of these sets myself and I wear them while riding on my Harley Davidson Motorcycle, sitting on a beach by the ocean in between scuba diving and snorkeling, and with a sundress going to church. This jewelry is so versatile it can be worn for any occasion!