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1 Pair Barefoot Sandal Rhinestone Diamond Bling Beach Wedding Bride Ankle Bracelet Toe Ring Foot or Hand Jewelry

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One pair (2 pieces) Rhinestone Diamond beach sandals.  Perfect for a beach wedding!  The sparkle on these is incredible! Want to go barefoot but still fancy your feet up.  These are the perfect items.  I came across these looking for something to wear for my July 4th wedding. I wore a beautiful dress and my rhinestone barefoot sandals and was both comfortable and beautiful! Perfect items to bling up any beach wear summer dress etc.  So comfortable.  Simply slide over your toe and clasp around your ankle with the lobster clasp.  The size for around the ankle is adjustable based on where you clasp the ankle bracelet. The toe ring is adjustable too.  These can even be warn on the hand as a sexy finger bracelet Super sexy sparkley design.  I have many other jewelry items listed.  Check them all out!!!